Dynamil® Blue

dynamic yeast

Give your dough the best!


Dynamil® Blue is a high-quality bread improver distributed in and especially adapted to Nigeria. Lesaffre took the conditions and the difficulties of baking in this country into consideration and consequently created a unique formula to give Nigerian bakers the best. This bread improver enables better dough tolerance, an optimum crumb texture and a less sticky dough. The research and development by Lesaffre, a worldwide group founded born in 1853, guarantees the quality and consistency of your baking products. This bread improver is recommended for Nigerian breads. Give your dough the best, give it Dynamil® Blue!


  • Better dough mixing: it increases the stability, strength and extensibility of the dough
  • A white and consistent crumb: the product results in an incredible whiteness and consistent crumb
  • Optimum volume: it will help the dough to rise and ensure optimum volume during baking
  • All products are certified by NAFDAC.
  • No ADA and bromate free: as a responsible company, Lesaffre is very concerned with food safety, the environment and the health of its customers. Thus, Lesaffre does not use potassium bromate or ADA (azodicarbonamide) in its bread improver formulas.

ADA & Bromate free

dynamic ingredients

→ Product packaging: 500g


→ Product shelf life: 24 months from date of production


→ Applications: Nigerian breads