Saf-instant® Plus

saf-instant plus

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Saf-instant® Plus is a 2-in-1 yeast which combines the efficiency of a high-performance instant dry yeast with a bread improver. The properties of each product work together to give the baker the best! This solution is the fruit of Lesaffre’s worldwide expertise in both yeast and bread improvers. The yeast used is Saf-instant® Red, the most popular in the world for Lesaffre, a real benchmark for bakers all around the globe, with quality guaranteed. Saf-instant® Plus yeast simplifies the work for the baker and enables him to make high-quality products regardless of the baking conditions.

  • Improves dough tolerance: Thanks to the combined properties of the yeast and the bread improver, Saf-instant® Plus allows the dough to be worked in the best way and improves its tolerance.
  • Optimizes texture & volume: With Saf-instant® Plus, the finished product has a better appearance. Depending on the bake, loaves are larger with a more regular shape, a better golden color, and a softer crumb…
  • Simplifies work for the baker: Thanks to Saf-instant® Plus, bakers can now use one single ingredient and get the same result. A real time-saver and efficiency improver.
  • All products are certified by NAFDAC.
saf plus

→ Product packaging: 500g


→ Product shelf life: 24 months from date of production


→ Applications: for sweet doughs