Instant success®

A recognized yeast


Instant success® is a dry yeast recognized by Nigerian bakers as a high-performing yeast, suitable for all kinds of bread recipes, whether sweet or savory. Lesaffre has been distributing this dry yeast internationally for several decades and it met immediate success among Nigerian bakers. The yeast doesn’t even need to be rehydrated first, it can be added directly to the baking mix for great performance and a quick-rising dough. Trust in Instant Success® yeast to bake the best products!

  • Consistency: this yeast is made by Lesaffre, innovative product world leader, ensuring a consistent performance of the product.
  • Confidence: Instant Success® has been distributed for decades and is recognized by bakers worldwide for its quality.
  • All products are certified by NAFDAC.
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→ Product packaging: 500g


→ Product shelf life: 24 months from date of production


→ Applications: Soft bread, doughnuts, sausage rolls, crusty bread, puff-puffs