Saf-instant® Gold

Saf instant Gold

Saf-instant® Gold


Saf-instant® Gold’s formula has been especially adapted for sweet doughs such as soft breads, puff-puffs, etc. Lesaffre has been producing yeast since 1853. Consequently, this high-quality dry yeast enables the baker to make the best quality products, whatever the production conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.). Success is easy with Saf-instant® Gold!


  • Authentic: great quality for all, even in difficult baking conditions
  • Unique: whatever the kind of bread or baking method, Saf-instant® Gold gives greater fermentation power and stability over time
  • Innovative: Saf-instant® Gold is produced by the Lesaffre worldwide group, and thus benefits from its innovations and developments.
  • All products are certified by NAFDAC.

→ Product packaging: 500g


→ Product shelf life: 24 months from date of production


→ Applications: Soft bread, doughnuts, sausage rolls, crusty bread, puff-puffs