Craft Baker

craft baker

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Lesaffre supplies craft bakers in Nigeria with well-renowned and high-quality baking ingredients, giving your breads the best performance, stability and quality. Lesaffre yeasts and improvers enable the baker to produce better, more easily and give customers real pleasure overall with tasty products that fit their requirements.

Need advice and support?


You can receive training from our bread making expert who will support you to make your development projects a reality or consolidate / develop your skills. For example, you have a one-off problem. Our technicians visit your production sites to bring you all their expertise and restart production as quickly as possible. Thanks to this contribution, you have every chance of making this trial a production success!

Our Solutions

We provide you with solutions adapted to all conditions and production methods. Any place, any time!

Dry Yeast

dry yeast

An easy and ready-to-use yeast, effective in all production conditions.

Bread improvers

Bread improvers

Lesaffre distributes a wide range of bread improvers in Nigeria that are especially adapted to the country’s production conditions, to achieve better product quality and improved efficiency.


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