Continuation of our production activity under optimal health and safety conditions

Continuation of our production activity under optimal health and safety conditions

Our planet is crossed by a pandemic that affects everyone. In this difficult context, our top priority is to ensure the health and safety of our employees, our customers and our partners, and more generally of our loved ones all over the World.

The Lesaffre teams demonstrate exceptional commitment every day in all the countries where we are present and are united around the same objective: to protect our supply chain so that we can continue to offer you our products.

It is through the passion and commitment of our teams that we ensure Saf-instant yeast’s production and continuity of worldwide supply. Saf-instant yeast then remains available always and everywhere for your bread making.

Despite the many challenges we face, we maintain our highest quality standards.

So, as soon as the virus appeared, we implemented a set of appropriate measures that have gradually been deployed throughout the world:

  • A business continuity plan, considering the safety of people and of our products:
  • A regular reminder of the instructions to be followed
  • Intensified cleanings
  • Health checks at the entrance to the sites
  • Deployment of home office
  • Limited travels
  • Cancelled gatherings
  • Teleconferences

Today all of our production sites are operational around the world and our teams are continuing their efforts to respond to customer requests in the days and weeks to come. Despite a complexity at logistical level, Lesaffre strives to serve you in the best possible conditions and ensure the sustainability of deliveries to make Saf-instant yeast available always and everywhere on the planet.

We keep on adapting to the current situation challenge by focusing more than all on your safety and a continue service. Although the COVID-19 puts us in front of never seen uncertainties, you can count on our unlimited commitment, for you.