Food safety takes precedence for my customers!

Food safety takes precedence for my customers!

You are committed to giving your profession a good reputation: quality products, a well-organised shop front… not to mention food safety! The hygiene conditions of your bakery play an essential part in creating a relationship of trust with your customers. Don’t hesitate to talk to them about it!

For the sake of customer transparency, here are some tips to showcase your efforts and excellent food safety.


Start with yourself

When it comes to food safety, it is important to be vigilant at all times. Therefore, start by paying attention to the health conditions of your staff and constantly remind them of good hygiene practices:

  • Frequent hand washing (with soap) is a key factor that you must facilitate by providing the appropriate equipment.
  • For wiping, use disposable paper towels!
  • Work surfaces, machines and other preparation utensils must be cleaned regularly and disinfected

All raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products must be stored at the correct temperatures.


Make your good practices visible

From the moment they enter your shop, your customers must feel confident and in safe hands. This will increase their willingness to buy your products. Here are some tips to encourage your customers to have trust in your products:

  • Your pastries and speciality breads should be on display.
  • They must be stored at a stable cool temperature on refrigerated shelves.
  • Your breads must be showcased impeccably in their displays or baskets.

Ensure that your employees wear gloves in front of the customer when handling each purchased product before it is packaged.



Feel free to place posters, panels or boards in the shop to highlight the freshness and safety of all your bakery and pastry products! Your employees must be well trained to answer all customer questions in order to build trust. Have a safety “check-up” right away!