How can I develop my range using simple products?

How can I develop my range using simple products?

Although classic products build customer loyalty, your customers also appreciate novelty. So be innovative and adapt to new consumer trends by expanding your product range. But remember to be methodical: don’t rush or go over the top! Keep it simple and try out your ideas first to make sure they remain profitable.

Revisit your “classics”!

You can expand your product range by extending your “breakfast” products to other occasions, such as snacks or lunch. Both sweet and savoury snacks therefore lend themselves to pastries. You can use the same croissant, brioche or Viennese bread ingredients to make many different products, whether revisited or completely different. The current preference is for local produce. Don’t forget to inform your customers about the origin of your products and raw materials.


Use your strengths!

Whether it’s speciality breads, pastries or baked goods, you already know what sells best in your store. Refresh your bestsellers by incorporating a new ingredient in order to revitalise and enhance your product range. For example, incorporating fruit (jams, compote, chips, dried fruits …) adds colour to your products and is attractive from a nutritional point of view.


Always test before expanding!

Always choose quality over diversity. Once you’ve decided on a new or original product to offer your customers, produce it in small quantities, showcase it and encourage your customers to try it. Ask your customers for feedback so you can be sure you’ve made the right choice.


Get your product display “moving”!

Diversification must also take into account the different ranges offered for sale. Showcase the various product families according to the times they are consumed during the day: pastries in the morning, sandwiches at lunchtime, cakes in the afternoon…