I’m creating an event at my bakery!

I’m creating an event at my bakery!

Building relationships with your customers always pays off! In addition to the quality of your bread and pastries, a friendly, entertaining event or a festive atmosphere will put a smile on your customers’ faces and make them want to come back.

Regularly organise low key and budget-friendly events. Here are three ways to kick-start your ideas.

1) Organise a raffle!

Choose an important date (the national holiday, a religious holiday or the anniversary of the founding of your shop, etc.). Reward your customers with numbered raffle tickets in advance, for example for purchasing above a certain number of particular breads or cakes.

Find a prize that is worth winning but that doesn’t break the bank! On the big day, have the winning number drawn at a scheduled time in front of the customers. Then organise the presentation of the prize to the winner, inviting along the local newspapers and small radio stations.

Our advice: have a picture taken of the event and display it in large print in your shop window. Share this photo on social networks, why not your bakery’s Instagram account?!


2) Provide loyalty cards

Keep it simple! A loyalty programme could be a paper card that is stamped or punched at each visit and which rewards the customer after a certain number of purchases.

It’s up to you to choose the rewards that will bring your customers back. The most obvious: a free baguette after the purchase of a certain number of baguettes! Of course, you can set up more elaborate programmes.


3) Operation snack!

Choose a product that appeals to children of a certain age range (6 to 12 years old for example) and make a specific quantity for the occasion. For example:

  • coconut or banana doughnuts
  • plantain crepes
  • cassava madeleines
  • biscuits with bissap jelly

Display a clearly visible poster on your window announcing that after school on a given day, the first hundred or two hundred children will be offered complimentary snacks. A sure-fire path to success! Parents will appreciate the gesture. Don’t forget to inform the local newspapers.


Use social networks!

If you have a Facebook / Instagram account for your bakery, now is the time to use them:

  • Create an event on Facebook to invite your customers to your event. To make sure your event is a success don’t forget to include all practical information, add a nice picture of your bakery and ask your friends to spread the word!
  • Share your event with your subscribers by uploading Instagram stories live from the event.


Start by putting your loyalty cards into action! Then launch the other two programmes after a few months.