Renewed Branding and Communication of Instant Success

Renewed Branding and Communication of Instant Success

The first Instant Success instant dry yeast was launched more than 30 years ago in different part of the world determined to be one of the best partners of bakers. Today, Instant Success is available more than 60 countries.


We stand at a pivotal moment where we aim to meet market demands more effectively and enhance support for our partners, bakers. This involves refreshing the appearance and brand identity of our longstanding brand, while also strengthening the overall image of Instant Success.


Understanding the challenges


We are committed to supporting our partners, bakers, by supplying them with high-quality yeasts that consistently perform well. Our goal is to be ensuring our business partners can continue offering delicious bread to their customers every day and contribute them to feel successful and satisfied.


Modernizing Visual Identity


One of the most visible aspects of Instant Success redesign was the modernization of its visual identity according to the pragmatic, strong and positive attitude brand personality, and new logo. The brand’s new design touches contribute to fostering a positive presence in the market.


Instant Success is the brand dedicated to ensuring the daily success of bakers

We are glad to share here with you, the new packaging design of Instant Success Dry Yeast which will have better visibility.